We were able to acquire UGC from the scene of a demonstration that turned violent as several hundred Fishermen gathered in Rennes to protest against regulations that they believe are unfairly constraining their profession.

On March 22, several hundred Fishermen gathered to protest against the increasingly strong constraints on their profession imposed by the state. Alongside the 400 fishermen in attendance, local police claim that the number of protesters was bolstered by a number of young radical activists demonstrating against Macron’s pension reform.

This gathering was the another in a long line of anti-government demonstrations in the country as working people across France expressed their discontent at the pension reforms and perceived anti-worker policies of the Macron government.

The police, who could be seen using water cannons and tear gas on the gathering, arrested nine demonstrators for property damage and use of smoke bombs while three protesters were injured according to reports.

The video below shows how we verified user generated content that we acquired from the scene of the clashes to ensure its veracity.