Our team was present in Kirigiti to witness the aftermath of the collapse of a 6-storey building as emergency services worked tirelessly to rescue the survivors.

On September 26, a 6-storey building collapsed in Kirigiti, a small town in Kiambu County, Kenya. The incident left at least 5 dead and dozens more injured. The building was still under construction when the disaster occurred and local police said that several workers had arrived at the site when the structure fell. The house collapsed on a nearby residential building, trapping residents & construction workers in the rubble.

Locals have blamed poor building practices and lack of regulation amid several other recent incidents in the area. A multi-agency team consisting of local police, emergency services, and armed forces personnel could be seen on location, attempting to detect and rescue survivors.

Our camera team was on location to witness the destruction as emergency services worked to rescue those trapped in the carcass of the building. The video below illustrates how we validated the footage we received in the aftermath of the collapse.