Our team was in Hatay province on February 7 as residents and emergency services dealt with the aftermath of the massive earthquake which impacted the region.

Early on February 6, southern Turkey and northern Syria were hit by a massive 7.7m earthquake. The death toll for this tragic incident is presently believed to be over 11,000, with Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announcing on February 8 that the death toll from Monday’s quake had reached 8,754. In addition, 2470 people are believed to have died in Syria as a result of the disaster.

In Hatay province, the quake is believed to have claimed the lives of over 500 and destroyed more than 1200 buildings. In İskenderun, many buildings, including a  hospital, were completely flattened. The incident also caused a massive fire at the city’s port as the region was hit by several smaller earthquakes in the fallout from the disaster.

This video shows how we verified the footage we received from the scene after this devastating earthquake.