Our team was present in the Indonesian capital as the students expressed their discontent at ongoing increases in the price of fuel & cost of living in the country.

On September 13, a student protest in Jakarta against rising fuel prices continued for the second day. This demonstration, the latest round of anti-government protests in the Southeast Asian nation, came after President Joko Widodo raised subsidised fuel prices by 30% in an attempt to rein in the growing energy subsidy budget. The move is set to accelerate inflation, already at its highest since 2015 due to rising food costs.

The gathering contained students from the University of Indonesia, Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University, Budi Luhur University, Mercu Buana University, and other campuses and is part of an ongoing series of protests as Indonesians struggle to manage amid the country’s cost of living crisis.

The video below shows how our team in the newsroom verified the images we received from the demo from our team in the field.