Our team was on location in La Libertad as emergency services surveyed the damage of widespread flooding and landslides caused by the tropical storm.

On October 10, El Salvador was dealing with the aftermath of Storm Julia. The tropical storm, which ravaged Central America over the course of two days, claimed the lives of 10 Salvadorians, including 5 soldiers killed when a wall collapsed in the town of Comasagua, near La Libertad.

In total, 28 people lost their lives as the storm caused casualties in Guatemala, Honduras & Panama as well as displacement and devastation across the region.

In El Salvador, more than 1,000 people were evacuated as, according to Environment Minister Fernando López, the country experienced the average rainfall of a winter week within the first 12 hours after the storm hit.

The video below shows how we verified the content we received in the aftermath of the devastating tropical storm.