Our team was on location on October 20 to survey the damages caused by a fire at Jakarta Islamic Centre Grand Mosque the previous day.

On October 19, the giant dome of Jakarta’s Grand Mosque caught fire and collapsed. Dramatic social media footage has circulated showing the moment of the dome’s collapse, though officials have stated that there were no casualties caused by the incident.Firefighters were alerted to the incident at 15:00 local, with 10 fire engines immediately dispatched to the scene. Though media reports have speculated that it is related to the dome’s ongoing renovations, the cause of the fire is still unknown. Police are currently investigating the incident and have reportedly begun questioning the contractors working on the building.

The dome of the Grand Mosque has previously caught fire, with the last incident of this nature taking place almost exactly 20 years prior to the fire on October 19. That blaze, in October 2002, took five hours for Jakarta’s fire service to extinguish.

The video below shows how we validated the footage we received from Jakarta in our newsroom.