Our team was present in Cianjur Regency to survey the damages after an earthquake which killed 271 and displaced thousands more.

On November 21, Cianjur Regency was struck by a 5.6 magnitude earthquake. According to the latest official figures, the quake killed at least 271 people, many of them children, with 40 still reported missing and over 1000 injured. The National Disaster Mitigation Agency stated on November 22 that the natural disaster had damaged 22,000 houses with more than 58,000 people displaced.

The quake, with its epicentre near the town of Cianjur, caused a series of landslides that buried entire villages and was followed by dozens of aftershocks which caused even more damage and devastation. The National Search and Rescue Agency confirmed that, because it happened around 13:00 when they were still at school, “most of the casualties are children”.

The video below shows how we verified the footage we received on November 22 which gave an insight into the scale of the destruction caused by this horrific natural disaster.