Our team was present in the Lebanese capital as the carcass of the silos that exploded in the Beirut port blast began to collapse, two years to the day since the city was shaken by that devastating incident.

On August 4, residents in Beirut held a demo on the 2 year anniversary of the city’s devastating port blast. Locals marched through the streets of the capital in honour of the 218 people who lost their lives in the explosion. Family members of victims held pictures of their loved ones and demanded justice for their deceased relatives.

Meanwhile, at the site of the blast, the charred remains of the exploded silos started to collapse. This followed an incident on July 31 in which the northernmost silo also fell.

The video below shows how our team in the newsroom validated footage from the Lebanese capital as the city was dealt a fresh blow with this latest collapse amid continued mourning for those lost in the 2020 port incident.