Our team visited the camp in Jindires in which the family of “miracle” baby, Afraa, are taking refuge for an update on the child’s welfare.

On February 6, a child was born under the rubble in Jindires caused by the collapse of her parent's house due to the massive earthquake which devastated northern Syria and southern Turkey.

Afraa's mother gave birth while stuck under the fallen debris of their family home and died shortly after despite the rescue team’s efforts to save her. The newborn was rescued and taken to a nearby hospital. Sadly, the child also lost her father and her four siblings in the disaster.

She has since been adopted by her paternal aunt and uncle who happen to have a newborn infant of their own. Her uncle, Khalil al-Sawadi, told Ruptly that he “will not differentiate between her” and his own children. He claims to have turned down many offers to adopt the child in order for her to be raised with her family in her hometown.

The horrific natural disaster has claimed the lives of over 51,000 people with 6700 confirmed deaths in Syria.

This video shows how we verified the material we received from Jindires on February 24 giving an update on the welfare of the baby and her adopted family.