Our team was on location in Wazirabad, aboard the convoy of Imran Khan, as a gunman opened fire wounding the former PM and killing a supporter.

On November 3, Imran Khan and his supporters were marching to Islamabad to demand snap elections. A gunman opened fire on his convoy, wounding Khan and killing a supporter. The former Prime Minister of Pakistan was rushed to a nearby hospital where it was reported that he was stable and recovering from a bullet wound in his leg.

The incident triggered widespread protests across the south Asian nation, with Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) supporters blockading roads and demonstrating in solidarity with their leader. This comes amid a fraught political climate in the country after Khan became the first Prime Minister in Pakistan’s history to be removed from power through a no-confidence motion.

The video below shows how we validated the material we received which shows the chaotic scenes in the immediate aftermath of the attempt on Khan’s life.