Our team was present in Lima on January 24 as anti-government protests continued to escalate in the wake of Peru’s political crisis.

On January 24, police clashed with anti-government protesters on the streets of Lima. The protesters were campaigning in support of impeached former president, Pedro Castillo, and demanding the resignation of his replacement, Dina Boluarte.

With 6800 officers posted in the centre of the capital, the police could be seen using teargas and rubber bullets on the demonstrators, who replied with sticks & projectiles.

This was the latest in a long line of countrywide protests since former president Pedro Castillo was impeached on December 7 after attempting to dissolve the nation’s congress. Police responses to the protest have, so far, claimed the lives of over 50 demonstrators.

This video gives an insight into how we validated the images we received from Lima in the midst of these violent clashes between police and protestors.