Our team was in Aswan governorate as Egyptian authorities opened the border to allow those fleeing civil war in Sudan to seek refuge in the country.

On April 24, Arqin border crossing between Sudan and Egypt was opened by authorities on both sides in order to allow those fleeing the conflict safe passage into Egypt. Reports suggest that over 30 busses, carrying around 1500 evacuees, crossed the border in the first few hours of it having been opened with that number expected to continue growing in the coming days. A significant number of those crossing the border are believed to be Egyptian citizens living and studying in Sudan.

On April 15, violent clashes erupted between rival military factions in Sudan over tensions surrounding a proposed transition to civilian rule in the northeast African nation. The fighting, which has persisted for a fortnight, is between army units loyal to the de facto leader, Gen Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, and the RSF, commanded by Sudan's deputy leader, Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, also known as Hemedti.

On April 18, a temporary ceasefire was called to allow the establishment of a humanitarian corridor for those fleeing the conflict. However, both sides have accused the other of failing to honour this ceasefire and other subsequent attempts to pause the violence.

Here is how we verified the footage we received from the Egypt-Sudan border as scores of civilians attempted to escape the bloody conflict.