As digital technologies develop, telling fact from fake becomes more difficult. Social media functions as a vehicle to spread rumour, propaganda and inaccurate reporting.

Here at the VU, we are sharing the expertise of our global newsgathering network along with gathering the tools to recognise and prevent them. Our engaging, interactive website gives you the chance to explore previous examples of inaccurate sourcing in major news reports that were later amplified on social media.

Using real-life case studies, Know Your Source gives you the tools you need to distinguish between reliable and unreliable stories. This works to build greater digital media literacy and helps newsrooms remain watertight.

Ruptly Verification Unit
Know Your Source will help you understand the steps we go through before we publish a video and support you in assessing the stories you see. In these five sections, we share knowledge and resources with you that will increase your ability to assess stories you see and improve your awareness of how …

The project centres on sourcing as the foundation of reliable journalism.

We show you how our footage is validated and verified and, in turn, why it's trustworthy. This is part of our overall mission to encourage for more transparency in the news industry.

This new project also gives a voice to our stringers out in the field across the globe who film our footage. We rarely see the faces or hear the voices of news agency camera operators. Yet they are eyewitnesses to some of the biggest news events and have a story to tell themselves.

Using a small sample of our stringers’ work, we have created a holistic view to help give you an insight into the story behind the story.