Italy, one of the world’s worst hit countries with almost 35,000 deaths from COVID-19, ended a rigid lockdown two months ago and life is slowly adjusting to the ‘new normal.’

This video tells the story of how we covered the Italian COVID-19 epidemic, capturing moments of pain and sadness, and glimpses of courage and hope.  

It is a visual representation of every validation and verification step taken in our coverage of key events as Italy grappled with the first major coronavirus outbreak outside of Asia.

Our project visualises the work of our network of independent, freelance cameramen on-the-ground in Italy, supported by the extensive video validation work in our newsroom that went into every video before we published to our clients and audience.

For those stories or areas that our network of cameramen couldn't access, such as the red zones of northern Italy in the initial stages of the outbreak, we sourced User-Generated Content (UGC) and built a network of sources on the ground recording events on their cellphones.

First-hand reporting combined with expert fact-checking and UGC newsgathering provided our audience and clients with an unrestricted view of Italy’s great challenge.

Our video is a case study of how our newsroom has covered the pandemic across countries and regions.

Italy’s great challenge: COVID-19 through the camera lens incorporates the most cutting-edge, modern and intuitive journalism techniques, providing the audience with a window into the validation process and a transparent fact-check on the news they are consuming.

It is a new video concept pioneered this year by the Ruptly Verification Unit that epitomizes our daily validation work and all the fact-checking processes we have developed in our newsroom.

It is cutting-edge video journalism based on transparency and publicly detailing the validation and verification process to show the audience who provides the news they consume, how it has been fact-checked and, in turn, why it's trustworthy.