Verification is our push for accuracy — to continue to provide trusted, verified news content to our clients and their audiences around the globe.

For this reason, we are launching the Ruptly Verification Unit — Ruptly VU.

The unit represents Ruptly’s dedicated response to a growing need for stronger action against distortion and forgery — all while strengthening a core part of our work: fact-checking.

Our focus is on validating footage we receive from our global network of stringers and verifying user-generated content from social media.

We seek to give clients and the public transparent information about the process undertaken in our newsroom prior to publishing a video.

The next step in our verification work is to publish standalone open-source video investigations to offer clients and the audience a transparent insight into our methods.

On Twitter, @RuptlyVU has absorbed @RT_Digital and will remain a dedicated channel for topics on digital news verification, user-generated content, news-gathering and publishing best-practice.